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South Pacific Logistics is a Logistics Company with more than 22 years of experience in International Logistics, which have made us the logistics operator of the largest refrigerated cargo group in the South Pacific Coast.

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Present in Chile, Peru and Mexico

We have an innovative model of administration and management of
cargoes in the export of products, focused on protecting the interests of
our customers, facilitating their logistics management.

Our successful model has allowed us to focus on the transportation of perishable cargoes for the Chilean, Peruvian and Mexican markets.

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What makes South Pacific Logistics different?

Competitive advantages

  • support
  • Support to the exporters commercial team to achieve competitive rates and conditions.

  • communication
  • A single communication channel in the logistic management and coordination of pre- and post-shipment.

  • international logistics
  • Consulting in international logistics to increase the competitiveness of our customers abroad.


  • personalized service
  • Best commercial conditions in the market with a personalized service.

  • management freight
  • Management in freight negotiations, operations and after-sales services.

  • logistics operator
  • We consolidate all export management in a single logistics operator.


  • online platform
  • Self-developed online platform, allowing our customers to fully manage their loads online.

  • online communication
  • A single online communication channel for consulting rates, schedules and booking requests for maritime transport and cargo transport.

  • digital platform
  • Constant improvements in the digital platform to meet your needs during the logistics operation.

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