logistics services

Logistics Services

We are experts in international transportation and logistics services with 24 years of experience.

logistics services
logistics services

Discover our logistics solutions and services

Simplify your logistics operations: everything your cargo needs, in one place.

At South Pacific Logistics, we revolutionize international logistics with an innovative model of management and administration for the export of perishable products.

We also offer logistics solutions for both the export and import of other types of goods.

That is why our commitment encompasses a complete range of logistics services, including specialized maritime and land transportation for Chile and Peru.

Thanks to our advanced digital platform, integrating each link of your supply chain has never been so easy, efficient, or secure. Discover how South Pacific Logistics can transform your supply chain.

Maritime Transport

Sail to success with our Maritime Transportation service.

We specialize in the handling of perishable and dry cargo, guaranteeing precise and careful deliveries in every corner of the world.

Moreover, our partnerships with leading shipping companies allow us to offer personalized service and competitive rates, ensuring that your cargo sails with privileges from departure to the final destination.

global coverage

Global coverage: Unlimited access to all destinations around the world, throughout the year.

customized management

Customized management: Services tailored to your logistic needs.

competitive rates

Competitive rates: Thanks to our strategic alliances, we boost your advantage in the market.

digital platform

Digital platform: Total control and real-time tracking from our advanced platform.

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Cargo Transport

Conquer the roads with our Land Transportation service.

We offer secure and reliable solutions for the transport of your cargo by road. Specializing in perishable and dry goods, we have a wide range of transport options for containerized or palletized cargo.

Our commitment is to guarantee timely and secure delivery to any destination and at any time of the year, backed by strategic alliances and a digital platform that simplifies your logistic operations.


Service versatility: Expert handling of all types of cargo, adapting to your needs.

simplified management

Simplified management: Integration with our maritime operation and total control through our digital platform.


Comprehensive security: Proper handling, tracking, and protection of your cargo throughout the journey.


Operational optimization: Logistical effectiveness reflected in time savings and cost reduction.


Your entire logistics operation, just a click away

Designed to handle everything from perishable products to any merchandise you need to send abroad, EasyLog extends the reach of South Pacific Logistics to cover all your export needs.

Whether by sea or land, in Chile or Peru, we take care of consolidating your cargo and managing the entire export process, simplifying your operations and ensuring that each shipment is successful.

comprehensive management

Comprehensive management: From consolidation to delivery, we handle all aspects of your export.


Flexibility: Ability to export a wide range of goods, beyond perishable foods.

global coverage

Global coverage: Solutions for maritime and land transportation, reaching international markets.

digital platform

Ease of use: Access through our digital platform, available 24/7 for efficient management.

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Make it simple, make it EasyConsulting

EasyConsulting transforms your foreign trade department, adapting to your specific needs. Our comprehensive service covers both exports and imports, simplifying the entire process in international logistics.

From customs procedures to the negotiation and closing of contracts, we handle the most complex aspects of foreign trade, allowing you to focus on what really matters: the growth of your business.

complete management

Complete management: Foreign trade service, covering everything from customs procedures to regulatory requirements.


Support in negotiations: Expert advice to secure the best conditions in your contracts.


Logistical efficiency: Solutions for maritime and land transportation for an efficient supply chain.


Process simplification: We remove the complexity of international logistics, making it accessible and manageable.

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