Logistics in Peru

Logistics in Peru

Since 2013, operating as a logistics company in Peru

Logistics in Peru
Logistics in Peru

Logistics Services in Peru

From Peru to the world with South Pacific Logistics

Since 2013, South Pacific Logistics has been a cornerstone in the comprehensive logistics of Peru, specializing in the export of perishable products via maritime transport.o.

Our comprehensive service covers all the necessary management to ensure that your cargo reaches its international destination efficiently, safely, and in optimal condition.

Time is crucial in the trade of perishable products. Do not miss the opportunity to optimize and expand your exports with a logistics partner who understands the importance of every moment.

integral logistics service

Integral Logistics Service

Likewise, South Pacific Logistics offers in a complementary way, the Integral Logistics Service for its ocean freight clients, seeking to facilitate an agile process to take the perishable cargo from the packings to the ports in Peru.

maritime transport

Maritime Transport

South Pacific Logistics specializes in the maritime transportation of perishable cargoes for the Peruvian market, negotiating for Peruvian agro-exporters the best conditions with the shipping lines that service the main ports in Peru.

¿Who are our customers?

Exporters of fresh, frozen and dry products of the Agrifood Industry.

lima peru

Lima - Peru

Monte Rosa 233 Of. 1002 Santiago del Surco, Lima.

+51 1635 3546

¿Why Peru?

Peru has special characteristics that have made it a global leader in the food industry; its geographic diversity and microclimates favor a wide variety of foods to grow naturally and in abundance.

Thanks to this, it is among the top ten countries that supply food to the world.

Source: www.exportemos.pe

Peruvian Export Products


Leading global exporter of:
Fresh blueberries, fresh grapes, fresh asparagus, and quinoa.


Second global exporter of:
Fresh avocados, Amazonian nuts, canned asparagus, and canned artichoke.


Third global exporter of:
Whole ginger, canned palm hearts, and frozen mango.

fruits of peru

Fresh fruits and vegetables

Peru has been taking the lead every season in the export of fresh fruit. This segment has remained the second most important export sector in the country.

Among the fruits that stand out are blueberries, mangos, grapes and avocados, reaching more than 85 countries.

Frozen Fruit

Peru stands out for the quality and variety of its fruits and when frozen they are available almost all year round.

Frozen fruits go through a freezing process that is within the highest quality standards of the international market, maintaining all the properties and guarantees of the fruit.

Dried and dehydrated fruits

Little by little the market of dried and dehydrated fruits has started to develop in Peru, looking for its space under the best quality standards.

The climatic conditions of Peru make the country a sector with great potential for the production of this area. It should be noted that Peru is the world's leading exporter of quinoa.

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