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Maritime Transport

Our direct contact with leading shipping companies will transform your logistics into a tailored experience.

transporte maritimo
maritime transport

Maritime Transport Service

Our maritime transportation service integrates advanced solutions for international logistics, offering efficient and secure management of your cargo across the oceans.

We focus on the maritime transport of perishable and dry cargoes in FCL (Full Container Load) containers or pallets, ensuring they arrive at any destination around the world with precision and care throughout the year.

Sail with privileges from the moment of departure. Thanks to our direct contact with leading shipping companies, we offer you a personalized service with rates that will boost your competitiveness.

With us, the time to send is now. Take advantage of market opportunities in any season, with the confidence that your cargo is in the most expert hands. And all managed from our digital platform.

tailored service

Tailored Service

Nos caracterizamos por brindar un servicio personalizado y con comunicación constante en respuesta a las necesidades de cada cliente.

export management

Export Management

We take care of moving your cargo to anywhere in the world, providing support in export management.

perishable foods

Perishable Foods

We specialize in perishable food cargo such as fresh fruit, dehydrated foods, and wines, among others.

controlled atmosphere

Controlled Atmosphere

Availability of containers for refrigerated cargo with adjustable temperature and controlled atmosphere.

tracking service

Tracking Service

We track the shipment from its departure until delivery at the destination port.

digital platform

Digital Platform

Access to an exclusive online platform for our clients, with 24/7 availability to rates, itineraries, and tracking of their reservations.

Full Container Load (FCL)

Maximize your logistics with FCL, the strategic option for
high-volume maritime transport.

The FCL (Full Container Load) cargo is the logistics solution preferred by experts for the transportation of large quantities of goods, offering peace of mind and control over your cargo. Ensuring that products arrive in perfect condition and that each TEU moved is a firm step in the supply chain.


Exclusivity and privacy: Exclusive use of the container for security and confidentiality./p>

greater controls

Greater control: Flexibility in loading and unloading according to your schedules.


Space optimization: Full use of the container to reduce costs.


Enhanced protection: Less handling of the cargo, lower risk of damage.

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reefer container

Refrigerated Maritime Transportation in Containers

Freshness travels by sea in state-of-the-art reefer containers.

Reefer or refrigerated containers are the answer for the transportation of perishable foods and temperature-sensitive products. They are designed to maintain a constant controlled atmosphere, essential for the preservation of products with advanced refrigeration technology.

We offer a service supported by our experience in handling perishables, ensuring that the quality of the cargo remains unchanged throughout the journey.


Refrigeration technology: Precise temperature controls for optimal preservation.


Quality assured: Controlled conditions to preserve the quality of perishables throughout the journey.

global coverage

Global coverage: Ability to reach any seaport with the right infrastructure.


Constant monitoring: Tracking technology for a swift and effective response.

Refrigerated Maritime Transportation on Pallets

Refrigerated transportation of palletized cargo is synonymous with adaptability and efficiency

Palletized cargo is moved on specialized vessels, also known as reefer ships or chamber ships, which are refrigerated ships specifically designed for the maritime transportation of perishable products.

With careful management and detailed tracking, we guarantee that your cargo, no matter the size, receives the necessary attention and protection to preserve its freshness and quality throughout the transfer.

efficient handling

Efficient handling: Ease of loading and unloading, optimizing times in port.


Service adaptability: Perfect for shipments of variable size and mixed products.

competitive costs

Competitive costs: Ideal for companies looking for cost efficiency without sacrificing quality.


Cargo protection: Safety and preservation from stowage to delivery.

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