Our history

May 2nd, 2000

South Pacific Logistics was founded in Santiago de Chile

South Pacific Logistics was founded on May 2, 2000 by Jens Kronborg, its current CEO.

Jens Kronborg has had a distinguished career with the Danish company J. Lauritzen, among others. His extensive experience in the Reefer and Bulker divisions led him to the position of President at both Lauritzen Reefers and Lauritzen Bulkers.

Year 2001

Our office is established in

To increase our network of offices in our country, South Pacific Logistics Valparaiso began operations in 2001.

The SPL Valparaíso team is in charge of the whole area of operations of the Company, managing all the processes of the containers, itineraries, tracking, commercial advice and statistics.

Year 2013

South Pacific Logistics Peru is created

South Pacific Logistics Peru begins operations to support local exporters, replicating the successful Chilean model.

Our office, manages and administers important volumes of perishable cargo, being a relevant actor in the foreign trade of Peru.

The SPL Peru Team is composed of the management area, commercial area and operations area.

Year 2016

Boris Gersling takes over as General Manager

From 2016 Boris Gersling takes over as General Manager. With 30 years of experience in the shipping industry, he served as CEO of Cool Carrier in Sweden, before joining South Pacific Logistics.

Year 2017

CFC and OTC are created in Denmark

During 2017, Consolidated Forwarding Corp. and Overseas Transport Co. are created in Denmark and have direct relations with shipping companies.

Year 2018

South Pacific Transport is established

Complementing our services in the area of ground transportation, South Pacific Transport was born in 2018.

South Pacific Transport starts to complement the export process of our customers. Delivering a complete service throughout the logistics chain with high standard trucks, which fully comply with current regulations in the transport of cargo.

Year 2019

Start South Pacific Mexico

In June 2019, South Pacific Logistics Mexico starts with the purpose of expanding in the avocado segment, to then continue growing in all the perishable products management.

SPL Mexico provides an integral service, taking care of the logistic management so that the products of our clients arrive at their destination with the best options of the market.

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