Export of Mexican Bananas

Twelfth largest producer worldwide

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Banana Logistics

The banana is the most harvested tropical fruit in Mexico. In spite of having origin in Asia, with the discovery of America it arrives to Mexican territories.

The particularity of the Mexican banana is that it has many varieties. Among the most outstanding are the Dominican, Valery, Tabasco, and Apple tree, among others.

This tropical fruit is one of the most consumed in Mexico, since it has a great availability.

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Nutritional value

• Because of its high content of fiber, minerals and vitamins, it prevents colon cancer. ‍

• Recovers muscle fatigue, ideal for athletes to improve sports performance. ‍

• It protects the heart, as it contains fiber, high potassium content and antioxidant vitamins. ‍

• It takes care of the good development and functioning of the immune system.

• It is an ally when losing weight, since it increases the feeling of satiety.

Valor nutricional de Banana Logistics

Source: Panorama Agroalimentario 2020

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