Export of Mexican Guava

Sixth largest producer worldwide

Guava Logistics


The Mexican guava is one of the most recognized tropical fruits in the world, since it has nutritional and medicinal properties.

Its pulp is used to make an endless number of products, such as syrups, liquors, drinks and sweets.

At the beginning its commercialization as a fresh fruit was only internal, but the quality of the product made Mexico the sixth producer worldwide.

Its harvest is done by hand, which generates a better selection of fruits.

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Nutritional value

• The guava is a fruit that has a lot of water and few calories. The high content of vitamin C makes it a fruit that protects the immune system. ‍

• It contains minerals such as iron, copper, calcium, magnesium, potassium, manganese and phosphorus. ‍‍

• It helps prevent diabetes and benefits people who already have diabetes. ‍‍

• It has large amounts of fiber, helps to lose weight and aids digestion, favoring our digestive system.

Nutritional value of Guava Logistics
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