Export of Mexican Mango

Sixth largest exporter of fresh mangoes worldwide

Mango Logistics


Mexico's climatic characteristics make it an ideal country for mango production.

The amount of hectares has been growing notoriously, and the demand and acceptance in international markets has increased every year.

Mexican mango varieties are diverse, with ataulfo, kent, keitt, tommy atkins, hadden and manila species.

Mangoes require a tropical climate with alternating rain and drought, with a minimum duration of one month to induce flowering of the plant.

About of Mango Logistics

Nutritional value

• The mango has magnificent nutritional properties and benefits for our health and body. It stands out mainly for its high content of vitamin C, being one of the sources that has more this nutrient. ‍

• It has vitamin E, one of the antioxidants and protectors of heart disease. ‍

• It protects the skin, eyes, bones and heart against the action of free radicals. ‍

• It stimulates the defenses for the variety of minerals and antioxidant vitamins that it possesses, it favors the immune system to prevent diseases.

Nutritional value of Mango Logistics
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