Export of Mexican orange

mexican orange

Mexico is characterized by its temperate zones and tropical climate, an ideal territory for the production of oranges.

Year after year, orange exports have been growing, reaching an all-time high in 2017.

The quality of Mexican oranges is characterized by its strong aroma and powerful flavor in its acidic pulp, accompanied by a particular sweetness.

Like lemons, they are also used to make juices and concentrates.

mexican orange

The entities with the largest volume of harvest are: Veracruz,
Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon.

Orange Statistics


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exported in 2019
mexican orange

The main characteristic of the orange is its high percentage of vitamin C. A single orange contains 130% of the recommended daily value.

It also plays an important role in the body, as it has a high carbohydrate content. This is because it contains fructose, which is beneficial for diabetics.

It is a fruit rich in minerals, such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium.

The citric acid characteristic of the orange is depurative and analgesic, thus improving food digestion.

Source: Panorama Agroalimentario 2020

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