Export of Mexican tomato

mexican tomato

The tomato or tomato as it is known in Mexico, is one of the most consumed vegetables, and that has a real role in the typical Mexican food.

The National Commission of Biodiversity considers it as the most important vegetable in the world, followed by the potato.

The red tomato is the third agricultural product exported in Mexico, after beer and avocado. The main destination of tomato exports is the United States, a nation that makes the largest imports in the world, in which the participation of the Mexican vegetable is 90.1%.

mexican tomato

The entities with the largest volume of harvest are: Sinaloa,
San Luis Potosi and Baja California.

Tomato Statistics


Annual per capita consumption


Fruit production


exported in 2017
mexican tomato

It contains vitamins and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, vitamins A, B1, B2, and C.

The tomato is composed entirely of water and fiber, has few calories.

Because of the vitamins it contains, it has effects for the protection of the immune system.

Its potassium content helps to improve muscles, keep the body hydrated and avoid cramps.

It contains lycopene, which helps prevent certain cancers such as stomach, prostate and uterus.

Source: Atlas Agroalimentario 2012-2018 SIAP

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