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Export of Peruvian Dried Mango

10% of the mango is for dehydration

Dried mango Logistics Peru

Dried mango

Peruvian dried mangoes are better priced in the market than in other countries. The price is similar to the one obtained by the South African, since they are similar in flavor and in the process of dehydration.

The dehydration process is generally done with organic mangoes, passing through a hot air system that evaporates the water from the fruit, maintaining its flavor and properties.

Most of the mangoes that do not reach their degree of ripeness, go through the dehydration process. 10% of the mangoes are destined for dehydration.

About of Dried mango Logistics Peru

Stationary availability

Dehydrated Peruvian mangoes are available all year round

Dried mango

Geographical distribution

Geographical distribution of Dried mango Logistics Peru
16.761 Ha planted

The cultivation of Peruvian mangoes is concentrated in the regions of Piura, Lambayaque, La Libertad, Ancash and Ica

Nutritional value

• The mango has magnificent nutritional properties and benefits for our health and body. It stands out mainly for its high content of vitamin C, being one of the sources that has more this nutrient.

‍• It has vitamin E, one of the antioxidants and protectors of heart disease.

• It protects the skin, eyes, bones and heart against the action of free radicals.

• It stimulates the defenses for the variety of minerals and antioxidant vitamins that it possesses, it favors the immune system to prevent diseases.

Nutritional value of Dried mango Logistics Peru
Source: peru.info

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