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Blackberry Logistics


Thanks to the work of national blackberry producers and the implementation of better cultivation techniques, Mexico became a reference in blackberry exports worldwide, being the main exporter.

It is a fruit that adapts to warm climates, being the state of Michoacan the main sector of sowing, ideal lands for the growth of this product.

The blackberry is characterized by being full of vitamins and nutrients, is a fundamental biological resource and very interesting for wildlife.

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Nutritional value

• Because of its content of vitamins C and E and minerals such as zinc and manganese, it benefits the immune system by strengthening the defences.

• It presents a positive amount of fiber for the intestinal transit. ‍

• It prevents cholesterol due to its vasodilator action and the acids it contains have anti-cancer properties. ‍

• It has anti-inflammatory properties: therefore it helps in diseases such as arthritis and obesity.

• It helps to the function of the nerves, to the contraction of the muscles and to that the cardiac rhythm stays constant.

Nutritional value of Blackberry Logistics
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