Export of Mexican Nuts

Fifth largest producer worldwide

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The best known Mexican nut is the "pecan" or "paper nut" variety. It is a little more elongated than the traditional one.

This fruit grows on the walnut tree, a tree that can reach up to 27 mt high, its harvest is generated in the last months of the year.

It is used for various purposes, such as baking, pastry making and the production of ice cream and desserts. In addition to the production of liquefied type drinks.

The pecan nut places Mexico as the second supplier in the international market, being China the main destination of exports.

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Nutritional value

• Maintains healthy cholesterol rates and levels, helping to prevent cardiovascular disease. ‍

• Nuts are a great food to benefit our brain. ‍‍

• Because of its high content of Omega 3, it prevents poor blood circulation, and eating nuts weekly reduces up to 50% of the chances of having a heart attack. ‍‍

• It prevents the appearance of arteriosclerosis, lowers hypertension and is important for diabetics because of its low carbohydrate content.

Nutritional value of Nuts Logistics
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