Export of Mexican Raisins

July the month of the largest harvest

Raisin Logistics


The raisin, or raisin as it is known in Mexico, has had an adverse productive scenario in recent years.

There are two types of dry grapes, the brunette and the blonde. The difference in color is made by the type of drying, the brown raisin is dehydrated under the sun, and for the blond raisin the drying process is done in hot air tunnels.

The months with the highest exports in Mexico are September and October, and for imports are the last months of the year.

About of Raisin Logistics

Nutritional value

• It brings minerals to the bones. Raisins contain high levels of magnesium, calcium and other nutrients. ‍

• For people over 50, eating them is a good way to prevent osteoporosis. ‍‍

• They reduce the craving for food, preventing more calories and fat from being consumed than necessary. ‍‍

• Raisins contain a substance called oleanolic acid, which helps take care of our teeth, avoiding breakage and cavities. ‍

• It contains phytonutrients, which act directly on our sight.

Nutritional value of Raisin Logistics
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