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Logistics Services in Mexico

South Pacific Logistics begins operations in Mexico in 2019, applying a successful model of administration and logistics management for the export of perishable products via maritime transport.

Integral Transport

South Pacific Logistics offers its customers ground product collection service from plant to port. With our Online Platform you will be able to schedule and track your reservations, as well as download the documents generated.

Maritime Transport

We specialize in the export of perishable foodstuffs by sea. We seek the professionalization of maritime logistics with international standards in favor of the Mexican exporter.

Is SPL a freight forwarder?

A freight forwarder buys freight and sells it to his customers at a profit margin. On the other hand, SPL is a client logistics consultant, it negotiates the best conditions (freight, conditions at origin, etc.) with the shipping companies and transfers them to the customers.

Why Mexico?

Mexico is one of the main agricultural and food producing countries in the world, since it has the productive potential, the agro-climatic conditions, the infrastructure and availability of specialized labor to adapt to the demand of the international market and to position the agri-food sector in its economy.

Source: Panorama Agroalimentario 2020

Presence in international markets

  • 1

    World's leading exporter of: Avocados

  • 11

    11th world producer of
    Agricultural crops

  • 11

    11 Free Trade Agreements
    with 46 countries and potential market of 1.471 million people


Mexico has perfected the production, logistics and export process of certain fruits, standing out as the main avocado exporter worldwide.

The Hass avocado (the most preferred fruit in the world) is the result of a hybrid obtained from a Mexican and Guatemalan variety.


Berries (strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries) are the third most exported Mexican agricultural product.

Among the berries that the country is destined to the international market, the raspberry is the second most valuable for its external sales, this amount represents a third of the total captured by the export of berries.

Citrus fruit

Mexico is one of the main countries that produce and export citrus, since of all types of fruit produced in the country, 34.89% are citrus.

Of the fruits that the country exports, citrus ranks fourth by the value of its sales and Mexico is positioned as the second largest producer of lemons in the world.

Tropical fruits

Of the most consumed tropical fruits worldwide, Mexico is the main exporter of Mango, being the fourth producer in the ranking.

It also stands out as the second largest producer of guavas in the world.
In addition, from the Mexican plantations with pineapples is obtained 3.4% of world production of tropical fruit.

Dried and dehydrated fruits

The walnut is the 13th most important agrifood product in Mexico, which attracts more foreign exchange.

Similarly, the level of dehydration of raisins allows its storage in "stocks", with the possibility of marketing in similar quantities throughout the year.


Of all the vegetables that Mexico exports, tomatoes are the most widely sold; their international success is reflected in the first place in the world in terms of sales and volume.

It is also positioned in the ranking as the second largest exporter of chili, third of asparagus, and fifth of cauliflower and broccoli.


Its availability during the year and differentiated tastes by variety are factors that influence the volume of fresh Mexican grape exports.

The varieties of table grapes most produced in Mexico are Flame seedless, Sugraone, Red globe and Perlette.

Who are our customers?

Exporters of fresh, frozen and dry products of the Agrifood Industry.


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